About About Single Buyer

Single Buyer is the entity authorised by the Minister pursuant to the Electricity Supply Act (ESA) 1990 to conduct electricity planning and manage electricity procurement services for Peninsular Malaysia. Single Buyer plays a key role in promoting efficiency and facilitating competition in the generation sector, hence enhancing the development of the Malaysia Electricity Supply Industry (MESI).

Our main responsibility is to procure electricity from Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and TNB Generation to meet demand at least cost. SB plays an important role in planning and managing generator agreements to ensure supply to the electricity industry is secured, reliable and affordable. 

We prepare demand forecast reports and long-term capacity plant-up plans by optimising fuel type and resources to promote renewable energy to the system and ensure sustainability.

Through our knowledge and expertise in fuel availability and power contracts, we produce medium and short term capacity scheduling plans based on least cost dispatch methodology. SB also houses a technical advisory unit which provides independent advice on technical and industry related matters to related agencies as required.

Evolution of MESI

The Malaysian Electricity Supply Industry (MESI) has undergone several reforms to meet the industry objectives. The objectives are to deliver secure and reliable electricity supply at economically competitive tariffs whilst ensuring environmental sustainability and provides customer satisfaction through customer's choice.
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Renewable Energy Initiatives

Single Buyer is committed in realizing the 20% Renewable Energy Capacity Target by 2025 by considering renewable energy options in performing our planning activities
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Our Main Functions

Chief Corporate Officer

Contact Performance

  • Operationalize and manage power agreements after Commercial Operation Date (COD) in accordance to the terms of the agreement
  • Manage dispute resolutions
  • Monitor the generator's performance
  • Manage and coordinate metering-related requirements
  • Manage database of correspondences in relation to the power agreements


Fuel Management

  • Manage fuel-related matters of the power agreements
  • Operationalise and manage fuel contracts
  • Manage gas and LNG billing settlement for the Power Sector
  • Manage, review and verify fuel prices for the Power Sector
  • Undertake fuel procurement studies, strategy and contact development


New Energy

  • Undertake analysis on technical & commercial aspects of new power agreements
  • Assist stakeholders in new generation procurement and bidding exercise
  • Negotiate new power agreements until signing
  • Monitor progress of a new power projects and assist in connecting new generators and resources to the grid
  • Operationalise power agreements and monitor compliance until commercial operations

Settlement & Clearance

  • Manage generator's invoice settlement for power agreemnts including interconnection on monthly basis
  • Administer and manage modules for invoice processing module for settlement platform
  • Issue tax invoice for import energy
  • Provide at generators monthly estimate


Finance & Reporting

  • Manage and monitor SB Operations Costs & SB Generation Costs
  • Prepare and manage SB’s Incentive Based Regulation (IBR) and Imbalance Cost Pass Through (ICPT) Submission
  • Manage SB’s Regulatory Reporting Statements
  • Manage SB’s accounting and financial related matters
  • Manage queries and requirements from auditors, Oversight Panel & Stakeholders


Enterprise Management

  • Develop and managed matters involving regulatory and compliance. This include monitoring SB’s compliance in relation to the relevant legislation, codes or private agreements
  • Undertake and manage risk assessment, strategic and business planning for SB
  • Undertake and plan the auditing process for SB
  • Manage SB IT requirements, projects and infrastructure
  • Manage SB’s human resource and office administration 
  • Prepare and negotiate new generation procurement agreements
  • Render legal opinions on fuel procurements agreements
  • Render legal opinions and support on day-to-day operations
  • Manage dispute resolution process under the power agreements
  • Manage and monitor the legal compliance requirements under relevant agreements, statutes, regulations and guidelines
  • Advise on applicable legal regulatory framework relating to Single Buyer

Chief Operation Officer


  • Strategise, lead and coordinate NEDA-related activities
  • Provide advice on NEDA market operation to the Suruhanjaya Tenaga, generators, participants and other related agencies
  • Operationalise NEDA framework and guidelines
  • Engage market participants
  • Oversee the SB Website and Market Participant Interface (MPI) related to NEDA operation particularly with respect to bidding and data publication


Medium Term Scheduling

  • Perform medium-term (three-month to five-years ahead) dispatch planning, fuel planning and hydro management for grid-connected generators (PPAs & SLAs)
  • Conduct dispatch forecast and analysis in relation to IBR and ICPT
  • Perform studies and assessments of new initiatives (e.g. TPA, NEDA, interconnection, energy storage, etc.) on medium-term generation outlook


Short Term Scheduling

  • Perform day-ahead, week-ahead and month-ahead demand forecast and analyses
  • Conduct day-ahead, week-ahead and month-ahead dispatch planning, fuel nomination, hydro management for grid-connected generators (PPAs, SLAs and NEDA)
  • Manage dispatch planning database and bidding data required to produce generation schedules

Load Forecast

  • Conduct annual long-term (20-year ahead) national and sectoral electricity sales for Peninsular Malaysia
  • Conduct annual long-term electricity demand in terms of energy and peak for Peninsular Malaysia
  • Monitor and report electricity demand trending at system and sectoral levels


Capacity Planning

  • Conduct annual long-term capacity planning studies to ensure security of supply for Peninsular Malaysia
  • Conduct long-term system development analysis for integration of new supply options, e.g. interconnection, RE, energy storage, etc.
  • Monitor and analyse relevant policies such as reliability standards, reserve margin, etc.


  • Provide technical advice on generation including assessment of technical studies and technical appendices of the PPA
  • Advise the authority and stakeholders on relevant policies and standards issues related to generation
  • Evaluate and assess generation facility conceptual design reports and technical deviations submitted by PPA or SLA awardees



  • Provide technical advice on transmission including assessment of technical studies, validation of project proposals and technical appendices of the PPA
  • Coordinate grid development activities by performing studies such as grid connection scheme, appropriateness and relevance of transmission technologies & methodology
  • Support activities related to regional cooperation, e.g. HAPUA, ASEAN, ACE etc., particularly with regards to interconnection and power trading


Industry Development

  • Provide expertise and independent advice on institutional and regulatory structure of MESI to relevant parties, e.g. ST, TNB, ministry, etc.
  • Conduct technology scanning for application in MESI and propose to ST and relevant parties
  • Conduct studies on international policies, acts, and market arrangement to advice ST
  • Assist ST in developing relevant framework in relation to new initiatives for MESI