ENEGEM Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

The objective of the CBES program is to facilitate cross-border renewable energy (Green Electricity) sales between Malaysia and neighbouring countries, promoting sustainable energy practices and regional energy cooperation.

The pilot phase of the CBES RE scheme will only involve Malaysia and Singapore.

Green Electricity sold during the pilot phase is bundled with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and is physically delivered to Singapore on a flat 24-hour profile, with an annual matching term.

The energy is provided consistently at a flat profile of 50 MW for each trading period.


The ENEGEM is a platform that serves as a marketplace for trading and exporting Green Electricity through a bidding mechanism.

The platform is operated by the Single Buyer, which oversees the bidding mechanism and ensures the smooth functioning of transactions.

Interested and eligble parties can engage in the bidding process on the ENEGEM platform by submitting their expression of interest and register as ENEGEM participant.

Pilot Phase

The pilot phase of the CBES RE scheme involves the sale of up to 100 MW of Green Electricity, utilising existing interconnection between Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore.

The pilot phase spans a delivery period of one year, from 1 September 2024 to 31 August 2025.


Green Electricity traded in the CBES RE Scheme is generated primarily from solar power plants under the Large-Scale Solar (LSS) Programme and/or hydropower stations registered with the International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC) system.

The redemption of RECs will be carried out by a party in Malaysia appointed by Single Buyer. This entity is responsible for managing the process of redeeming RECs on behalf of participants.


The CBES RE Scheme is guided by the prevailing Guide for CBES, which outlines the rules, procedures, and requirements for participants.

The Exchange Committee provides oversight over the CBES RE Scheme. The Exhange Committee consists of representatives from ministry, regulator, Single Buyer and Grid System Operator.

Clarification Session

The clarification session will be carried out virtually.


Minimum number of participant will be decided by the The Exchange Committee.


Syndication with EMA has been done and they are well informed about the stipulated timeframe to obtain the importer's licence and the whole timeline for the bidding process.