NEDA Corporate Green Power Programme (CGPP)

Corporate Green Power Programme (CGPP) is an initiative by the Government to provide opportunity for business entities to participate in the promotion and use of renewable energy in their business operation. The programme supports the growing number of electricity consumers that aspire to achieve the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) target.

CGPP is essentially a mechanism of virtual power purchase agreement, which is implemented using the existing New Enhanced Dispatch Arrangement (NEDA) framework.

The diagram below shows the overview of CGPP framework:

  1. There are three (3) parties involved in the energy delivery and transaction process under the Corporate Green Power Programme (CGPP):

  2. The Solar Power Producer shall develop, own, and operate the solar power plant. The energy produced by the solar power plant is exported through the electricity supply system of the Electricity Utility Company in accordance with the NEDA Rules.

  3. The electricity supply for the Corporate Consumer is provided by the Electricity Utility Company, however the Corporate Consumer can have a virtual power purchase agreement with the Solar Power Producer for the virtual supply of solar energy.

  4. The Electricity Utility Company pays the Solar Power Producer the electricity exported to the electricity supply system based on the Actual System Marginal Price (SMP) in accordance with the NEDA Rules.

  5. In reality, the electricity supplied to the Corporate Consumer is not directly from the solar plant but from a pool of generation sources connected to the electricity supply system.

  6. When the solar plant is not producing enough electricity, other generation sources will have to top up the supply to meet the demand of the Corporate Consumer.

  7. The quality of electricity supply and services of the Electricity Utility Company for the Corporate Consumer will be the same as for other normal consumers.

  8. As such the Electricity Utility Company will charge the Corporate Consumer according to the tariff for a normal consumer in the same category.

  9. Under the Corporate Green Power Agreement (CGPA), the Corporate Consumer will purchase the energy produced by the Solar Power Producer based on an agreed price or price structure.

  10. If the SMP is higher than the CGPA price, the Solar Power Producer will pay the Corporate Consumer the difference between the actual System Marginal Price (SMP) and the CGPA price and vice versa.

  11. The financial transaction between the two parties is as follows.

  12. Besides the settlement on energy exported by the Solar Power Producer based on the difference between the Actual SMP and the energy price in the CGPA, the financial transaction under the CGPA may also include the arrangement on any credits or financial benefits for reductions of greenhouse gas emission earned from the generation of solar energy by the solar power plant.

Click the link below to download:

1) Information Guide for CGPP

2) Connection at Grid level (132kV)

3) Connection at Distribution level (33kV and below)

The eligibility criteria for the SPP and the CC are specified in the Information Guide for CGPP.

The CGPP was launched on 9 May 2023 with a quota allocation of 800 MW. The 800 MW quota has been fully subscribed on 8 November 2023, with 32 successful applicants.

The following charts show the NEDA registration process in detail to be abided by the successful applicants.

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