About Generation Tariff

Base Generation Costs is a variable component in the Base Tariff where it is subjected to the demand and supply movement in the global fuel market (e.g. coal & gas) and movement in the foreign currency (e.g. USD to RM). These two factors are beyond our control which require Imbalance Cost Pass Through (ICPT) mechanism to cater for the movements. ICPT reflects variations in the Base Generation Costs whereby any savings or additional costs will be passed-through to the consumers via rebate or surcharge.



ICPT Announcement

Imbalance Cost Pass-Through Tariff (ICPT) for the Period of July to December 2018 

Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST) has announced via ST's website on 29 June 2018 that the Government of Malaysia (Government) has approved the continued implementation of Imbalance Cost Pass-Through (ICPT) for the period of 1 July - 31 December 2018:

  1. The average Base Tariff remain unchanged at 39.45 sen/kWh.
  2. Due to higher fuel and generation costs for the period of 1 January - 30 June 2018, the additional cost RM698.19 million or 1.35 sen/kWh ICPT surcharge, will be pass-through via the ICPT mechanism:
  1. Domestic customers - not affected by the ICPT surcharge
    • Domestic customers with monthly consumption below 300 kWh will not be affected by this ICPT implementation.
    • For domestic customers with monthly consumption above 300 kWh, the ICPT surcharge will be funded by Kumpulan Wang Industri Elektrik (KWIE).
  2. Non - Domestic Customers
    • An ICPT surcharge of 1.35 sen/kWh will be applicable

Please refer to ST's website for further details on the ICPT.



Visit the ICPT FAQ page of our site to find out more about how much is the ICPT amount to be passed through to customers, who will be affected by this ICPT surcharge, why Domestic customers with monthly consumption of 300 kWh and below are not affected by this ICPT implementation and more.
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