About Single Buyer Market

Single Buyer Market Regulator

Suruhanjaya Tenaga

Suruhanjaya Tenaga established under the Energy Commission Act 2001. Suruhanjaya Tenaga has pursuant to the Act issued the Guidelines to govern the Single Buyer Market.

Single Buyer Market Participants

Single Buyer

Single Buyer is the department is authorised by Suruhanjaya Tenaga to be responsible for the management of electricity procurement and related services pursuant to Electricity Supply Act 1990 (ESA 1990). Our main responsibility is to procure electricity from Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and TNB Generation to meet demand at least cost. SB plays an important role in ensuring security of supply to the electricity industry. We prepare demand forecast reports and long-term capacity plant-up plans. Through our knowledge and expertise in fuel availability and power contracts, we produce medium and short term capacity scheduling plans based on least cost dispatch methodology. Single Buyer also houses a technical advisory unit which provides independent advice on technical and industry related matters to related agencies as required. 

Grid System Operator

The Grid System Operator is primarily responsible for the day-to-day real-time operation and the management of the Peninsular grid system, together with the short and medium term planning of the transmission network and generation facilities. This includes the interconnections with Thailand and Singapore. Our main focus is to operate the grid system in a “Safe, Reliable and Economical” manner.

Grid System Operator endeavours to maintain overall reliability of the grid system within the approved Transmission System Reliability Standards (TSRS) and in compliance with Grid Code for Peninsular Malaysia.

Other Market Participants

  1. Generator  Registered Power Plant
  2. Grid Owner
  3. TNB Distribution
  4. Nominated Coal Supplier
  5. Nominated Gas Supplier
  6. NEDA Participants
  7. Any other party approved by Suruhanjaya Tenaga